Patric Chocolate’s Bean-to-Bar Craft-Chocolate Bars

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Patric Chocolate’s bean-to-bar craft-chocolate product line:


Bean-to-bar craft-chocolate product line from Patric Chocolate

Fall is an exciting time for Patric Chocolate. As we slowly but surely shift into autumn, we quickly find ourselves in the middle of our busy season. We thought this would be a good time to remind our loyal customers of the varied selection of made-from-scratch, bean-to-bar craft-chocolate bars–what a mouthful!–that we offer as you prepare for the colder months and the approaching holiday season too. Be on the lookout for these bars near you, or take a gander at our online store and select your favorites!


Limited Release Bars:

Each month, Patric Chocolate creates an exquisite limited release bar. Offering the limited release bars is a fun and delicious outlet that keeps our creativity flowing and continually challenges us to bring you the most exciting, new flavors. Some of our previous limited release bars have included the Salty Signature Seventy bar, the Sweet & Sassy bar, and the Black Licorice bar. Currently, the spotlight is trained on our Oatmeal Cookie bar. Don’t hesitate to grab one (or more) of these bars because they’re going quick!


Patric Chocolate’s Permanent Lineup:


Red Coconut Curry

Crunchy coconut, spice and everything nice is what you get with our new Red Coconut Curry bar. This bar is the latest addition to our permanent bill, and it’s a hit. Dark chocolate is spiced with arbol chiles, ginger, and organic lemongrass essential oil, and is topped with crunchy, salty-sweet toasted Thai coconut chips. If you’re looking for a unique bar, this is the one for you.

Holy Mole

This dark chocolate bar was developed in conjunction with Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor using their expertly sourced spices. It includes real Korintje cinnamon, smoked Spanish paprika, arbol chiles, and vanilla sea salt. We’ve never made anything like it, and if you like spice, you’ll love this craft-chocolate favorite.


70% Signature Blend

For this signature dark chocolate blend, Patric Chocolate sourced several beautiful cacaos from diverse areas of the world, all boasting their own unique tastes and aromas. The cacaos were then blended into a complex ensemble of flavor, including citrus and berry highlights, and notes of coffee and roasted nuts in the finish.  The epitome of  bean-to-bar.


Mocha OMG

This bar is a smooth blend of dark chocolate and craft-roasted espresso 700 coffee beans from award-winning artisans Kaldi’s Coffee Roasters. Now you can have your coffee and eat it too! It’s the perfect breakfast bar.


74% In-NIB-itable

This bar is proof that opposites really do attract. With smooth Madagascar chocolate on one side and crunchy nibs on the other, this is our most munch-able and crunchable bar yet, while at the same time amplifying the delicious and complex chocolate flavor that you’ve come to expect from Patric. This is a tasty bar that is both refined and rustic.


67% Madagascar Dark

This beautiful chocolate was created to showcase the naturally occurring notes of plum preserves that intermingle with fruits rouges and enticing hints of butter-hazelnut toffee in the amazing single-estate Madagascar cacao.



You know it and you love it. Our most popular bar boasts roasty peanut butter, bright jam-like notes that occur naturally in the cacao and sea salt, all blended into a smooth chocolate that melts in your mouth like nothing else.


72% Mint Crunch

The combination of chocolate and mint is classic. Patric Chocolate has balanced the two flavors to create a perfect blend of chocolaty cookie-like notes and cool mint aroma. A refreshing bar that leaves you craving more, this is the chocolate that many of you have been waiting for, and with CRUNCH, courtesy of our crunchy cocoa nibs.


Mizzou Crunch

A custom dark milk chocolate blend sprinkled with dry-roasted peanuts, crunchy cocoa nibs and sea salt.  One bite of this bar and you’ll feel like a tiger! (Note for our out of state customers:  “Mizzou” is short for Missouri, and this bar was made in support of our local state university.  Their mascot is the Mizzou Tiger.)


58% Dark Milk

Who says milk chocolate can’t be world class? This dark milk chocolate allows the beauty of Patric’s signature cacao blend to shine, subtly softened with notes of fresh, creamy, sweet milk, and much less sugar than your average milk chocolate bar. This is truly a milk chocolate unlike any other.


75% Madagascar Dark

This robust, yet balanced chocolate was created to highlight subtle notes of toasted nuts, coffee, a pleasant cocoa, and an undercurrent of citrus and berries. It has been called the espresso of Madagascar chocolates!


Be sure to check our website or follow us on Facebook for info on the latest and greatest limited edition bars, as well as other awesome deals. No matter what flavors your palate prefers, you’ll find something you love in our unique, delicious collection of bean-to-bar craft-chocolate bars!


See you in the chocolate aisle,

Alan “Patric” McClure

Bean-to-bar craft-chocolate guru

Craft Chocolate: Why Buy It?

Why should you spend a little more to buy quality craft chocolate?

It’s a fair question, though we here at Patric Chocolate wonder, why wouldn’t you buy great craft chocolate? But we’re a little biased.   Below are just a few reasons that fine craft chocolate (like ours!) is some of the best food in the culinary world.

  • There are so many flavor components! While trying to understand what gives chocolate its flavor, food scientists have classified more than 600 different aromatic constituents. These components make chocolate one of the most complex of any food or beverage in the world, and this doesn’t even include the delicate flavor balance of slight acidity and sweetness that we taste as a bit of chocolate melts across the tongue. Woah!


  • Fermentation is key. Chocolate is made from fermented cacao seeds. This fermentation, as with any fermented food, adds complexity of flavor that doesn’t exist in the raw material, just like with wine, beer, and cheese.


  • Fermentation AND roasting is a winning combo. Chocolate is made from fermented, roasted cacao seeds. The roasting process adds additional flavors and helps create and strengthen the quintessential and inimitable “chocolaty” note. Flavor technologists have been trying to mimic chocolate’s flavor for many years and still have not come up with an acceptable substitute. (Chocolate is one of only a handful of foods that are both fermented and roasted, which is a large part of the reason chocolate is so complex.)


  • Origin matters. Different origin chocolates made with beans from one country, or even one farm, like our 67% Madagascar bar, can have as many differences as similarities, just like single-bean coffees, which is why the flavor profiles of different chocolates can seem like night and day. For example, some may be intensely fruity, while others are quite earthy with notes of tobacco.  Of course, if two or more  flavorful beans are blended together, like we do in our 70% Signature Blend, the results can be just as complex, but in new and intriguing ways.


  • Time matters. From freshly harvested seed to finished bar, chocolate can take longer to make than some types of beer, with the entire process lasting at least several weeks, and that doesn’t even take into account the time it takes to load them onto a boat and get them to our craft chocolate workshop!


Knowing these things, Patric Chocolate works hard to create a product that is as interesting and delicious as possible. So, though craft chocolate is often appreciated in small quantities, we won’t judge you for being unable to resist more than one bite of our enticing bars!