Patric Chocolate Available Locally

Hello All,

As some of you may already know, the first Patric Chocolate bar has been available locally since the end of July. Though distribution is limited due to supply, sales have been far greater than anticipated. We are quite happy to see that though the United States has historically been a milk chocolate nation, as opposed to France for example, where dark chocolate has been the preference, Americans really are willing to try types of dark chocolate that may be quite unlike anything they have ever had before. In fact, not only are Americans willing to try dark chocolate, but they seem to be falling in love with it.

Because of this major shift in chocolate preference in the US, Patric Chocolate has every expectation that as we continue to focus all of our attention on each of our micro-batches of fine dark chocolate, that the number of Americans who are interested in experiencing its unique aroma, taste and feel will continue to grow, especially as they increasingly learn to appreciate what really sets fine dark chocolate apart from the mass-produced bars that we so often find in most retail stores. We could not be happier, of course, as this growing interest lets us sit back and do what we love most of all: focus on making more Patric Chocolate.