Quick Patric Chocolate Update

Hi all,

I have ceased to blog due to lack of time.  So, if this blog is the only way that you keep up with Patric Chocolate, then you may have missed out on a few things over the last three years.  I have several recommendations:

Take a look at our “about” page and “press & video” page.  You’ll see how we’ve won 15 Good Food Awards as of 2016, more than any other food producer, and how Pete Wells of the New York Times really loves our chocolate.  Also, and perhaps most importantly, swing on over to the “shop” page and sign yourself up for the monthly bar-release newsletter.  This is where all bar-release information is announced, and how you can find out when the online store will be open for business each month.

Keep it chocolaty,

Founder & Head Chocolate Maker
Patric Chocolate

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!!

We are busy on Valentine’s Day molding Mizzou CRUNCH chocolate bars, but we haven’t forgotten about how special all of you are to us.  Without you, our loyal customers, Patric Chocolate would cease to exist, no matter how delicious our chocolate might be.

Thanks again for making it possible for Patric Chocolate to have one more excellent, chocolate-filled year on this earth!

Very best,

Alan–Founder & Head Chocolate Maker