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Chocolate-Myth Busters #3: Criollo Cacao Tastes Better Than Other Types?

Potential Myth To Be Busted: Chocolate made from Criollo cacao tastes better than chocolate made with other types of cacao. Response: Often sound bytes and catch phrases are latched onto. These condensed bits of seeming wisdom make us feel comfortable that we really have an understanding of something. When it comes to chocolate, “Criollo is […]

Chocolate-Myth Busters #2: Belgian Chocolate Is the Best in the World?

Potential myth to be busted: Belgian (or Swiss) chocolate is the best in the world! Response: This is a commonly held belief and something that, as a chocolate maker, I hear often. Many people have a story about receiving chocolate brought back from Belgium/Switzerland and how it was the best that they had ever had. […]

Chocolate-Myth Busters #1: High Percentage = Healthy?

Potential Myth: “People often say that higher percentage chocolate bars are better for you, is this actually the case?” Response: There has been a great deal of research over the past couple of years concerning polyphenol antioxidants in cacao and chocolate, and it does appear as though there is a good deal of scientific data […]

What Else Can Cacao Do?

Some time ago I asked you, the loyal Patric Chocolate blog readers, to speak up and let me know what you would like to see me write about. Those who responded had many great suggestions, and they have been heard! Here is just one of the suggestions: “I know we get chocolate from cacao beans […]

Cacao Fruit: The Mystery Continues

Out of all of the interesting chocolate-related facts that surprise people, one of the most surprising tends to be the fact that cocoa “beans,” far from being true beans, are actually the plump, buttery-pulp-covered seeds from a somewhat melon-shaped fruit that grows on the trunk of a tropical tree. This fact, however, often overshadows a […]

Blogging and the Three Chocolatiers

No, I promise that I haven’t forgotten the blog. In fact, quite the contrary, as I have been working on it more than ever. Unfortunately, however, the two topics on which I have been working have required so much research that the blog has seemed to be stuck in its tracks. On the other hand, […]

Request For Blog Topics

Hello all, I already have a list of topics that I will be covering on this blog over the next year or so, but I certainly want to make sure that I am not overlooking other issues that are of particular interest to my readers. If you are interested in hearing my take on a […]

The Chemistry of Chocolate Part 2: General Cocoa Bean Chemistry

Chocolate doesn’t just grow on trees. Well, actually it does…kind of. Chocolate is made from the fermented and dried seeds–often called cocoa beans–of a fruit, a large berry in fact, that grows on a tropical tree between approximately 20ºN and 20ºS. It was once commonly thought that two subspecies of cacao trees existed, Theobroma cacao […]