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An invitation…

At Patric Chocolate we diligently work day in and day out to bring innovative and delicious bars that satisfy and impress all of your chocolate craving hearts and mouths. Your feedback is always important to us and with the start of the New Year we want to have a more interactive space to share all […]

To Blog or Not To Blog

So, since I started this blog, Facebook has really taken off, and I am far more active at communicating in that medium. I haven’t posted to this blog in well over a year, and I don’t anticipate continuing it. Still, I hesitate to delete the posts as I believe that they have a great deal […]

Single-Malt Scotch Whisky: The Fine Chocolate of the Beverage World

Since I have been scarcely old enough to consume alcoholic beverages, I have had an interest in Scotch Whisky. At the age of 21 as I tried to figure out what in the “spirits” category appealed to me, I kept feeling drawn, again and again, to Scotch. At first I just ordered whatever was affordable, […]

Chocolate-Myth Busters #4: Organic Chocolate Tastes Better (or Worse)

Potential Myth To Be Busted: Organic chocolate tastes better (or worse) than non-organic chocolate. Long Response: I have responded to similar questions in several interviews, and most recently spoke about the issue at a chocolate forum hosted by Charles Chocolates in San Francisco during Slow Food Nation. An interesting thing to note is that while […]