Craft Chocolate: Why Buy It?

Why should you spend a little more to buy quality craft chocolate?

It’s a fair question, though we here at Patric Chocolate wonder, why wouldn’t you buy great craft chocolate? But we’re a little biased.   Below are just a few reasons that fine craft chocolate (like ours!) is some of the best food in the culinary world.

  • There are so many flavor components! While trying to understand what gives chocolate its flavor, food scientists have classified more than 600 different aromatic constituents. These components make chocolate one of the most complex of any food or beverage in the world, and this doesn’t even include the delicate flavor balance of slight acidity and sweetness that we taste as a bit of chocolate melts across the tongue. Woah!


  • Fermentation is key. Chocolate is made from fermented cacao seeds. This fermentation, as with any fermented food, adds complexity of flavor that doesn’t exist in the raw material, just like with wine, beer, and cheese.


  • Fermentation AND roasting is a winning combo. Chocolate is made from fermented, roasted cacao seeds. The roasting process adds additional flavors and helps create and strengthen the quintessential and inimitable “chocolaty” note. Flavor technologists have been trying to mimic chocolate’s flavor for many years and still have not come up with an acceptable substitute. (Chocolate is one of only a handful of foods that are both fermented and roasted, which is a large part of the reason chocolate is so complex.)


  • Origin matters. Different origin chocolates made with beans from one country, or even one farm, like our 67% Madagascar bar, can have as many differences as similarities, just like single-bean coffees, which is why the flavor profiles of different chocolates can seem like night and day. For example, some may be intensely fruity, while others are quite earthy with notes of tobacco.  Of course, if two or more  flavorful beans are blended together, like we do in our 70% Signature Blend, the results can be just as complex, but in new and intriguing ways.


  • Time matters. From freshly harvested seed to finished bar, chocolate can take longer to make than some types of beer, with the entire process lasting at least several weeks, and that doesn’t even take into account the time it takes to load them onto a boat and get them to our craft chocolate workshop!


Knowing these things, Patric Chocolate works hard to create a product that is as interesting and delicious as possible. So, though craft chocolate is often appreciated in small quantities, we won’t judge you for being unable to resist more than one bite of our enticing bars!