Habagascar, Madañero, Habañero 67%: What ever you call it, it’s hot!

The weather is getting hot and it’s about to get hotter, and well, we might be to blame.  Reintroduce yourself to the Habañero 67%!

We’re excited to announce the return of our much-loved Habañero 67%!  Habagascar? Madañero? Whatever you choose to call it, you will have no choice but to devour it.

We’ve taken our Good-Food-Award-winning 67% Madagascar dark chocolate and lightly sprinkled just the right amount of Habañero sea salt to give you the perfect combination of spicy and sweet.

This kickin’ salt is crafted by the grinding down of high-quality and high-heat Habañero peppers to create a seriously intense sea salt. Its smoke and spice complements the naturally occurring notes of plum and raisin of Madagascar cacao and matches the finishing notes of red fruit and citrus perfectly.

Pick it up quick, it’ll stay hot, but it won’t stay around for long!

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  1. Sunita de Tourreil
    Sunita de Tourreil says:

    This is my current obsession. I taste this bar every day. More than once. It is the most delicious combination I have tasted by Patric Chocolate, truly a genius bar. In my top five bars EVER!

    Well done Patric Chocolate!

    If you have not tried it, you must.


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