How it Was Made: The Limited-Edition Red Coconut Curry Bar (or) Dang! that’s good

The three of us at Patric Chocolate spend just as much time brainstorming new chocolate bars as we do producing our classics. The Limited-Edition chocolate bars have been a fun and delicious outlet for us to keep the creativity flowing as they continually challenge us to bring you the most exciting new flavors. A big part of the challenge is sourcing the best ingredients that enhance and highlight our incredible chocolate.

Chiles and spice are not necessarily groundbreaking in the chocolate world these days, but it’s a combination we especially love. Our daily lunches here are usually accompanied by jalapeno this or Sriracha that so it’s not a stretch of the imagination for any of us, but we wanted to take it a little further.

Fruity and spicy? Sweet and spicy? Spicy and spicy? We had a lot of ideas and then it hit us…

The Red Coconut Curry Bar!

But figuring out a way to convey such complex and distinct flavors through chocolate took a lot of time to work out, because lucky for all of you, we were not about to dump a bottle of fish sauce into our refiners.

A large part of our ingredient search was the coconut. First we tried toasting our own coconut.  Then we ordered a lot of coconut from other companies– a lot doesn’t actually begin to cover it– we ordered shredded coconut, coconut chips, raw coconut, toasted coconut, sweetened and unsweetened coconut, and we tried blending coconut oil into the chocolate too.  Nothing excited us.  But then, we struck gold.

“Dang!” exclaimed Aimee as she munched on a handful of toasted, sweet & salted coconut chips?  “Why are these so good?  What makes them so much better than the others?”

“Dang!” shouted Sara, “these coconut chips are unreal!”

The key was coconut from a company called “Dang.”

We went with Dang coconut, because it was the tastiest coconut we had ever tasted. “Dang” is a new company based in San Francisco, and also happens to be the name of the owner’s mother, who grew up in Thailand. This flavorful Thai coconut is Gluten-Free, perfectly sweet, and has a wonderful crunchy texture from its light roast, with just a hint of salt. The crunch of this coconut is the perfect match for the bite of this bar. We know that you’ll enjoy our latest blend of dark chocolate, Dang coconut, spicy chiles, ginger, and pure lemongrass & lime essences in this chocolaty version of a Thai favorite.  We’ll be surprised if you don’t exclaim “Dang!” yourself.

See you in the chocolate bar aisle,

Alan “Patric” McClure
Founder & Head Chocolate Maker

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  1. laura
    laura says:

    OMG I just tasted this and it is the perfect blend of spicy, ginger and coconut. I buy several different types and break off a little nibble every day for a special treat. Well worth the price. I am hooked on Patric chocolate. Nothing else compares!

    • Alan
      Alan says:

      Hi Laura,

      Thank you! It took us months of work to create this bar, as it does with most of our bars, and I’m glad that you are enjoying it so much. I appreciate your review and comments!

      Very best,

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