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At Patric Chocolate we diligently work day in and day out to bring innovative and delicious bars that satisfy and impress all of your chocolate craving hearts and mouths. Your feedback is always important to us and with the start of the New Year we want to have a more interactive space to share all of our exciting developments with you from inside our workshop. The three of us that make up Patric Chocolate are passionate and proud of the work we do and want you, our valued customers and friends, to join in our passion with us. Not only do we want to share our chocolate with you, we want to tell our stories, explain our work, and spread our knowledge to each of you on a new level. This is your invitation to take a peek inside our workshop, meet the people behind the chocolate, and truly understand what makes Patric Chocolate unique.

I’m Sara Trikenskas, 1/3 of Patric Chocolate and well, I’m a chocolate maker. I’m going to be the primary voice behind the blog and I intend to try my best to bring you (virtually) inside our factory. I will be answering your questions, sharing recipes (for uses of Patric Chocolate in your kitchen), photos, and many other fun things!

I want to hear from you! What do you want to know about us?

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, concerns, and or winning lottery tickets at:

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  1. Michal
    Michal says:

    Hi Sara,
    Is your invitation open to guests from abroad as well?
    Even if they don’t seem to find a winning lottery ticket? 🙂
    Hoping so, Cheers from Israel

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