Patric Chocolate Takes on the New Web

When Patric Chocolate first started we had a website, and shortly thereafter a blog. At the time, it felt like I was “hip” and “with it,” but times soon changed.

Now Facebook, Twitter, and sites such as Flickr allow companies a way to tell their stories with passion and to build a connected community and fan-base. So, with the excellent advice of a couple of good friends, Patric Chocolate has taken the leap into the New Web:

The Patric Chocolate Facebook Page
— If you are on Facebook, please spread the word and become a fan. We have a review system as well so that you can tell everyone what you think about our chocolate and other fine chocolate products. I’ll be posting new chocolate-related videos and photo albums from cacao sourcing trips, and giveways will be available for Fans.

The Patric Chocolate Twitter feed
— Follow my daily chocolate-making process, learn about special events, and interact!

Thank you for your support; during these tough economic times, it really does mean a lot!

Very best,

Patric Chocolate

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P.P.S. By the way, if you’ve never seen what your mild-mannered chocolate maker looks like, there is a story in the Kansas City Star, just out today, that has quite a few good photos.