Chocolate-Myth Busters

I’ve been doing quite a bit of myth busting concerning chocolate “facts” since the Patric Chocolate blog first started, but it took a loyal reader to point out the obvious:

“Here’s something you could run with for years […] Chocolate myth busters – published, blogged and wild rumors in the chocolate world debunked. I continue to see incorrect information take on a life of its own. “Facts” that aren’t facts.”–David Arnold

…And as soon as it was suggested, I thought, “Why haven’t I been doing this from the beginning?” Truly a “Duh” type of moment.

The problem is that I have been writing almost exclusively more lengthy and complicated articles, and then I always end up getting so busy that they often never get finished. Of course, I still intend to finish all of those unfinished items, and I’m sure that I will–sometime–but I’m realizing that I need something simpler. I need something that is relevant and interesting, but not too time consuming to write. Chocolate-Myth Busters is intended to be just such a recurring topic.

So, I have some ideas of my own, but I am also interested in dealing with topics that interest my readers. That said, please let me know of any potential myths that you would like to see busted. Here is an example of what I am looking for:

“People often say that higher percentage chocolate bars are better for you, is this actually the case?”

Trust me, no matter how simple you think a question might be, I guarantee that there are a hundred other people out there wondering the same thing, and you just might be surprised at the answer.

So, take just a second out of your day to suggest some potential myths that need busting! Feel free to add them to the comments below (no need to sign up for any account), or email me personally at:

Very best,

Chocolate myth buster at your service

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  1. Sera
    Sera says:


    I’ve *love* to know how chocolate makers play with the balance of cocoa butter and cocoa mass in their chocolate.

    I know I can taste two different 70% chocolate bars and one will taste and feel very different based on the butter/mass ratio and I’m curious as to how that’s decided (aside from cost!). Thanks! 🙂


  2. -= V =-
    -= V =- says:

    Hi Alan,
    Totally loved your idea here. I do have one question and it has always comes up to my mind whenever i eat chocolate.

    Is chocolate really an aphrodisiac or is it just a our perception?

    Would love to hear an expert’s opinion on this one.

    Thanks Alan,

  3. Patric Chocolate
    Patric Chocolate says:


    A great question. This is one of those things that gets stated over and over, especially online. It is also sometimes used as a selling-point when marketing chocolate-products. But…

    Is it true? I’ll be sure to cover it soon in the Chocolate-Myth Buster series.



  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    “Raw” chocolate is healthier than processed chocolate.

    Belgian (or Swiss) chocolate is the best in the world.

    Chocolate contains as much caffeine as coffee (and should be avoided by pregnant women).

    A dog will die if he eats chocolate. (Will a cat? A rat? A monkey?)

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