Two New Products!

Well, actually that is one new bar and a Valentine’s Day Collection that includes both of the bars currently in production.

As of February 1st, we released a 67% Madagascar bar that is made with the same cacao from which the 70% bar is crafted. The new bar is brighter in tone, with various fruit notes playing more of a role in the bouquet, such as lively plum preserves, fruits rouges–think cherries and raspberries–and butter-hazelnut toffee, as well as notes of licorice and subtle spice.

As for the Valentine’s Day Collection, there are two bars of each percentage–67% and 70%–and the idea is to be able to taste the bars side by side in order to better appreciate how percentage can impact chocolate made from the same origin. This is a great way to educate your loved ones about the joys of fine chocolate. Complimentary gift wrap is included.

One interesting point about the 67% Madagascar bar is that, in addition to the cacao and pure cane sugar, there is a bit of cocoa butter added. However, whereas most companies buy cocoa butter from another company, our cocoa butter is pressed right here in the Patric Chocolate workshop from the same origin of cacao that is used in the chocolate. This ensures that the flavor profile of the bar is clear and consistent. As usual, no vanilla or other flavorings are added.

Here are links to the new products mentioned above:
The Valentine’s Day Fine Dark Chocolate Collection
The 67% Madagascar bar

Just remember to order by 8 am EST this coming Friday, February 8th, in order to ensure that your, or your loved one’s, chocolate is delivered by Valentine’s Day!

Very Best,

Alan McClure
Bean-to-Bar, Fine Chocolate Maker

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  1. Laine
    Laine says:

    Alan, will you marry me? Oh, wait–we are both happily married. Then let me just congratulate you on “getting it right,” and thank you personally for the pleasure and even enlightenment your product has given to me. I have never tasted a chocolate that was quite such a symphony of flavors.

    I welcome the advent of the 67% bar; not that they deserve it, but perhaps this one will induce some of my less-discriminating chocolate-loving loved ones to learn to appreciate really good chocolate, and the beauty that is, specifically, Patric. As yet, they cannot understand how one small square of Patric, properly savored, can so completely satisfy all of my senses that nothing further is needed.

    Until the next “fix.”

  2. Jean
    Jean says:

    Love your informative blog, Alan. Can’t wait to try the new 67% but it will be hard to beat the perfection of the 70% bar. The Valentine’s Day package is a great idea. We need to acquire more Patric Chocolate soon as our holiday batch is nearly depleted. We’ve done a lot of comparative tasting and always finish with Patric last and find it the most satisfying.

    We made a small error of sending a bar to a couple in New York to share as a part of their Christmas goody basket. They ended up scrapping a bit over who ate how many squares. Next time we’ll send two bars plus ordering information.

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