Upcoming Events Featuring Patric Chocolate

Well, it’s November already, and there are a few chocolate events over the next month that Patric Chocolate has either organized, or at which we will be present:

First there is the New York Chocolate Show from the 9th-11th of November. Though we won’t have a table this year, chocolate maker Alan McClure will be there wandering the floor with samples of the Patric Chocolate 70% Madagascar dark chocolate bar, hoping to meet some blog readers, friends, colleagues, and other chocolate lovers. With so much chocolate under one roof it should be a very good time, and we hope to see you there.

Next, almost right after the NY show, Patric Chocolate will be holding another chocolate tasting workshop at World Harvest in Columbia, MO. For those of you who were there last time, the content of the talk will be slightly different, so it will be worth attending again, and for those who missed the last tasting in September, we had a great time, so we hope that you can make it. The chocolate tasting workshop will be held on Saturday, the 17th of November, at 1 pm at World Harvest Foods off of Nifong behind Gerbes.

Finally, we are taking a day trip to Kansas City for another chocolate tasting workshop. This one will be special in that we are working hard to debut one of our new bars during this tasting. You might just be able to have a taste if you can make it. It will be held at Magazines and Coffee at 1722 Main St. in KCMO on Saturday, December 1st, at 2 pm.

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What could be better than an e-mail list that tells you when complimentary samples of Patric Chocolate will be available near you?

Please let me know when Patric Chocolate is holding Missouri-based talks and tastings:

For those of you who couldn’t make the last Patric Chocolate “Talk and Tasting,” at World Harvest Foods on Sept. 1st, you can learn more about the content by viewing two previous blog posts, here, and here. (Links open in new windows)