Chocolate Process Media

Fine dark chocolate, in addition to being an exquisitely flavorful food, is also coming to be seen by more and more chocolate-lovers as an interesting product in its own right as regards the lengthy and difficult process used to make it. Due to this growing interest, there is more information on chocolate making on-line than ever before, some of it accurate, and some of it less so. In an effort to add something else of interest to what is already out there, Alan McClure, chocolate maker for Patric Chocolate, did a fairly recent in-depth interview with Terence Spies for his Cacaolab website. If you haven’t yet had the chance to read the two-part interview, it can be found here.

Those of you who have had a chance to read the interview, however, may have noted that it can be fairly technical in places. For some chocolate aficionados, this is exactly the type of information about chocolate making that they are very keen to read. However, many people less familiar with the chocolate-making process may have found themselves wishing that they had photos of different steps in order to help clarify a point here or there.

The importance of images in helping to explain a process, whether the images are live-action or captured as photos, cannot be underestimated, and Patric Chocolate, in a forthcoming redesign of its website, has taken this into consideration when making important layout decisions. However, we wanted to go even further than incorporating essential visual elements into our new site, so some time ago we decided that with the technology currently available that we should push things a few steps further.

Starting today, we will be working on capturing what is an incredibly interesting part of the chocolate-making process in a way that will allow everyone to see chocolate as it has perhaps never been seen before. In an effort not to spoil the surprise, we will say no more, but be sure to keep your eyes open for a very special addition to the current Patric Chocolate site even before the redesign is finished!