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Patric Chocolate is an American craft chocolate company that makes chocolate from scratch–from the cocoa bean. Founded upon chocolate maker Alan “Patric” McClure’s passion for fine chocolate, over the last decade Patric has gone from little more than a dream to a respected leader in the burgeoning craft chocolate movement.

How We Make Chocolate

At Patric, we search the world for cocoa beans with the best flavor and choose organic whenever possible. We pay at least Fair Trade, though often much higher prices.

Our Process

Once the cocoa beans have arrived, over the course of several weeks we process cocoa beans into some of the best chocolate in the world.  In our meticulous process we:

  • Hand-sort the cocoa beans to remove impurities
  • Slow roast the cocoa beans to develop the most delectable and intriguing tastes and aromas imaginable
  • Winnow the cocoa to remove shell, which is then recycled as mulch in local gardens
  • Grind the resulting cocoa “nibs”
  • Add select ingredients
  • Grind some more
  • Conche (24 hours per day for several days straight!) to further refine and elevate the flavor and texture
  • Hand-mold the chocolate into our custom Patric design
  • Hand-package the bars one at a time
  • Deliver the chocolate to you!

Craft Chocolate Process - Patric Chocolate

Patric Chocolate and Sustainability

At Patric Chocolate, we think of sustainability on every level, from the lives of the cocoa farmers, to the impact we make on the environment through our energy use and other choices.  Below you’ll find a list of things we do with sustainability in mind:

  • We always pay Fair Trade or higher prices for our cocoa beans.
  • We use all certified organic cane sugar, certified organic cocoa butter, certified organic milk, and significant amounts of certified organic cacao.  Other ingredients that we use are also certified organic, from cinnamon to peppermint essential oil, to peanut butter, candied ginger, and maple sugar.  We are constantly trying to find organic ingredients that have the same quality of flavor, or better, and we make the change whenever we can.
  • Our ingredients are Non-GMO.
  • We recycle all paper, plastic, metal, and glass if it is recyclable as well as batteries.
  • We donate all of our cocoa shell waste to be used as mulch in local gardens; we never discard it in landfills.
  • We pay into our local solar power program to cover a portion of our electricity usage and to help grow solar and other renewable energy sources in our own backyard.  We will work to shift more of our electricity usage to renewable energy.
  • Our printed chocolate bar packaging, in addition to reminding people to recycle, is made from 30% recycled post-consumer fiber, with the balance of fiber being certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.  It is also Green-Seal certified for sustainability, and the paper is made using 100% renewable energy.  Finally, the printing is done using all vegetable-based inks, and using 100% renewable energy.
  • When shipping via UPS, we choose to use the UPS Carbon Neutral program to offset carbon dioxide produced during shipment of our chocolate.  Learn more here.

About Patric Chocolate, a Timeline:


Alan returns from a year in France, where the French chocolate tradition, including Valrhona and Bernachon, among others, made a substantial impact on him, leading to the beginning of serious study and experimentation with chocolate and chocolate making


March: Patric formed

June-December: Alan makes cocoa sourcing trips to Mexico, Belize and Venezuela as he works on custom chocolate-making machines

October: Work begins on Patric’s custom chocolate-making facility.


January: Patric opens its doors.

July: After months of careful development, Alan releases the first bar in the Patric product line, a micro-batch 70% Madagascar bar, made only with aromatic single-estate cacao and pure cane sugar.


May: Gourmet Magazine takes note of Patric.

July: The LA Times finds Patric bars to be “handcrafted standouts.”

August: Patric is honored with an invitation to showcase our chocolate at the first annual Slow Food Nation festival in San Francisco, as one of only five chocolate makers invited to do so.

August-September: Patric becomes one of five founding members of the Craft Chocolate Makers of America (CCMA).

November: The New Yorker Online notes the refinement of Patric’s flavorful and surprising bars.

November: Several new additions to the Patric line are released, including a 75% Madagascar bar, as well as gift sets including all of the aforementioned products.


February: Food and Wine Magazine notes that Patric is “creating exceptional small-batch bars.”

June: Alan “Patric” McClure is elected as the first chairperson of the Craft Chocolate Makers of America (CCMA) board.

July: The first new bar since November 2008–the 74% In-NIB-itable bar–is released. This is the first chocolate bar with “inclusions”–the cocoa nibs–that Patric has ever released.

October: Patric’s first non-Madagascar bar, the 70% Rio Caribe Superior, is released.


Spring: Food and Wine Magazine calls Patric “Best New American Chocolate.”

July: Alan travels to Peru to look into sourcing a new origin.  The Piura cacao discovered during this trip will lead to an International Chocolate Award in 2013.

October: Three new bars make their debut: Patric’s 70% Signature Blend, Dark MILK Chocolate, and the PBJ OMG.


January: Patric Chocolate wins a national 2011 Good Food Award for our In-NIB-itable bar.

May: Patric Chocolate releases our Mocha OMG made with craft-roasted, award-winning Kaldi’s espresso 700 blend.

September: Patric Chocolate releases our Mint CRUNCH made with cool essential peppermint oil.

October: Forbes calls us one of “10 Truly Artisanal Foods to Try Now.”

November Part 1: Patric Chocolate celebrates the re-release of our popular PBJ OMG.

November Part 2: Patric Chocolate releases the Cappuccino OMG bar, a craft-produced, almost savory white chocolate with Kaldi’s espresso 700 blended right in.

November Part 3: Two of our bars, the PBJ OMG and the 70% Signature Blend, are announced as Good Food Award Finalists for 2012.


January: Patric Chocolate wins its second consecutive national Good Food Award for the Signature 70% Blend.

March: Patric Chocolate releases our first limited-edition bar, the Salty Signature Seventy, with a micro-production of only 1000 bars.


January: Patric Chocolate wins three Good Food Awards for all three of our entries, the 67% and 75% Madagascar bars and our In-NIB-itable bar.

June: Patric Chocolate became a finalist in the the 2013 International Chocolate Awards American Semi-Finals in two separate categories.  Awards are announced in October 2013.

August: The first permanent addition to our chocolate bar line in well over a year is released:  Holy Mole! is a blend of smooth dark chocolate, cinnamon, chiles, smoked Spanish paprika, and vanilla sea salt.

September part 1: This is a big month for Patric, with a brand-new website, newly re-designed environmentally friendly packaging, and another new addition to our permanent line!  Red Coconut Curry is a bar of smooth dark chocolate with chiles, ginger, sea salt and lime and lemongrass essence.  This bar is then topped with crunchy, toasted, sweet-salty coconut that is unlike anything we’ve ever tasted.

September part 2: Patric Chocolate wins two of the seven chocolate awards at the NW Chocolate Festival, a Gold in the inclusion category for our In-NIB-itable bar, and a Silver in the plain chocolate category for our 67% Madagascar bar.

October part 1: Patric Chocolate is proud to win two Gold Medals & Four Silver Medals in the Americas arm of the International Chocolate Awards for our 67% Madagascar, 67% Piura (a Chocolate Garage Exclusive), and the Mocha OMG.  Now, on to the World Finals!

October part 2: Patric Chocolate is proud to win two Silver Medals in the 2013 World Finals of the International Chocolate Awards for our 67% Madagascar and 67% Piura!  Patric Chocolate is the only US company to receive medals in the dark chocolate bar category.


January: Patric Chocolate wins three Good Food Awards for 70% Signature Blend, Mocha OMG, and Mint CRUNCH!  PBJ OMG, our most popular bar, scores its second finalist nod.

June:  Alan heads back to school with his sights on an M.S. in Food Science.  The Patric Chocolate production schedule is rearranged to a rotating monthly bar-release schedule so that Alan has the time to make chocolate and formally study it at the same time.   The first month’s releases include the cult-favorite Black Licorice bar, a dark chocolate crafted with house-made licorice extract from organic licorice root.

August:  Patric Chocolate release two new limited-edition bars.  Nutty Nib CRUNCH, with cocoa nibs, dry-roasted peanuts, and sea salt, and Triple Ginger, with ginger sugar, fresh ginger essential oil, and candied baby ginger.  Both bars sell out immediately.

November:  Patric Chocolate learns that all four of its Good Food Award entries have attained finalist status.  All four have a shot at winning in January 2015.

December: Patric Chocolate releases the limited-edition Raspberry-Balsamic Pear.  It sells out in two days.


January: Patric Chocolate wins four more Good Food Awards for 67% Madagascar, Black Licorice Bar, PBJ OMG, and Red Coconut Curry, becoming one of only two companies to win a Good Food Award five years in a row, and attaining status as the all-time winner of more Good Food Awards than any other company nationwide, in any category.

November: Patric Chocolate is a finalist for all three of our entries into the Good Food Awards for the Browned-Butter Bar, Triple-Ginger, and Red Coconut Curry.  Winners will be announced in January of 2016.


January: Patric Chocolate wins three more Good Food Awards, this time for the Browned-Butter Bar, Triple-Ginger, and Red Coconut Curry, maintaining our record of winning at the Good Food Awards every year since its inception.  With 15 total Good Food Awards across six years, this makes Patric Chocolate the all-time winner of more Good Food Awards than any other company nationwide, in any category.


January Part 1: Patric Chocolate wins two more Good Food Awards, this time for the Piura Dark Milk and Sweet & Sassy bars, maintaining our record of winning at the Good Food Awards every year since its inception.  With 17 total Good Food Awards across seven years, this makes Patric Chocolate the all-time winner of more Good Food Awards than any other company nationwide, across all categories.

January Part 2: Alan McClure, founder, head chocolate maker, and head of research and development at Patric Chocolate, begins his research into the unique bitterness and health benefits of chocolate as a doctoral student in Food Science at the University of Missouri-Columbia.


January: Patric Chocolate wins four more Good Food Awards, this time for the 67% Madagascar, 70% Signature Blend, Browned Butter Bar, and The Salty Cow, maintaining our record of winning at the Good Food Awards every year since its inception.  With 21 total Good Food Awards across eight years, this makes Patric Chocolate the all-time winner of more Good Food Awards than any other company nationwide, across all categories.